Golden Gate -Eleonora Patricola Photography-
Eleonora Patricola

The thousand colors of
Golden Gate's sunset

Golden Gate -Eleonora Patricola Photography-
Eleonora Patricola
Golden Gate -Eleonora Patricola Photography-
Eleonora Patricola

Sunset are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautiful.

Who when thinking of San Francisco does not think the Golden Gate Bridge?

This is one of the chances of my life, I live in Albany (formerly Ocean View) a nice city located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. I can see the Golden Gate Bridge from my windows... I was impressed by all the colors at sunset. I want to share with you these colors...This is my project: The thousand colors of Golden Gate's sunset

Golden Gate Sunset January 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
January 2017
Golden Gate Sunset February 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
February 2017
Golden Gate Sunset March 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
March 2017
Golden Gate Sunset April 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
April 2017
Golden Gate Sunset Mai 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
Mai 2017
Golden Gate Sunset June 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
June 2017
Golden Gate Sunset July 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
July 2017
Golden Gate Sunset July 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
August 2017

When you think of California, you typically conjure up images of beautiful beaches, palm trees and mountains, all set off by perpetual sunshine.

During the last three months I learned a lot about what here people call "June Gloom" and "Fogust". This atmospheric phenomenon starts in late May, extends through the entire month of June and sometimes well into August. It is common along much of the California coastline during the first half of the day, although on occasions it can persist for days with no sunshine at all. We have had also a cold August.

Golden Gate Sunset September 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
September 2017
Golden Gate Sunset October 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
October 2017
Golden Gate Sunset November 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
November 2017

Once again an amazing sunset today for Thanksgiving.
It's been nearly a year since we arrived in California and I didn't come back to Europe so far.
I’m grateful for my parents, for my family, for new friends who fulfill my life (All my friends of meetup US Hiking) and for those who have remained in my life for such a long time.
I'm grateful for love which is for me a way of life.

Golden Gate Sunset December 2017-Eleonora Patricola Photography-
December 2017

Here is the last sunset of the year. Looking at these sunsets and the Golden Gate, many things came to my mind.

First: don't let anyone tell you not to burn bridge. Some bridges are meant to be burned and some roads are never meant to be traveled again.

I shared these sunsets with the most important people in my life (my husband and my children) our love creates a bridge that spans over our imperfections and join us where it matters.

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Thanks for your reading!

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