San Francisco


I'm a Gig Worker. I have a real passion for side hustling, web development and marketing. This Online World is all about providing people with honest ways to make and save more money by using new technology. I'm the founder, CEO and CTO of a new start up in San Francisco. I help companies based on new technology platforms to grow 🚀 and people find the right job earning more money.
#BeYourOwnBoss 🤠

To all the readers of my blog I wish the wisdom or the madness to imagine with all their mind, to believe with all their heart and to achieve with all their might.

San Francisco


I have a freelancer spirit with excellent problem-solving skills and creativity. I started my work experience in Paris as an employee. After moving to California I decided to work as a freelancer. Organization is key no matter what you do, sometimes my clients need help ... right away... I am an organized and helpful person.

San Francisco

WordPress WPSFO

I really enjoy to participe actively to WordPress Meetups. They are a great place to socialize and learn a few new tips.
I love to share my knowledge in WordPress community. You learn a lot working on a talk and especially from the feedback from the audience afterward.

San Francisco

Explore and photograph

I do not know if I like to explore or take pictures of the places I explore. Anyway, photos are a good material to remember and share with others


Cash Management

if you do not know what cash management is, you can always consult Wikipedia. I worked for a leading company in this field. I was in charge of the websites development (php-javascript-HTML) and design. I worked on the project to securize all websites of a agency of communication.



Because in our life No one can do everything, but everyone can do something... During two years I helped an association, I was in charge of the layout of their monthly newspaper. If you want to see my work, please contact me.

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