Beautiful life
of discovery

I'm lucky enough to have a story which can inspire others to motivate themeselves to achieve their goals and dreams.

And so...The adventure begins !

Picture Eleonora Patricola- hiker&adventurer

I'm a Front-end web developer and Graphic Designer passionate about WordPress.
I love photography and I’m really interested to the world of UX Design as a way to combine form and emotion.
When I'm not learning or playing with my laptop... you can find me digging the Parks of north America.

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Picture Eleonora Patricola- hiker&adventurer

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I think in our life we can acheive things that we never tought possible with a mix of self-belief, hard work and enthusiasm. I'm passionate about internet that is for me a great way to keep people close one to each other... If you need a web developer or you want to know more about my adventures, feel free to contact me .

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Since I arrived in USA I decided to let the Wilderness inspire my life. In particular my snow backpacking in a Wilderness area of ​​Yosemite National Park gave me inspiration ... When I came back from this trip I created my own startup.

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