What is life...but one big adventure!

Are you looking for a great adventure to live with your family, your kids or your friends?

Columbus Day was a good opportunity to remember who we are (Italians) and to live a great adventure, like real explorers, such as Cristoforo Colombo!

My kids are hikers as much as I do. They walked 5.4 miles (almost 9 km). My 6yo did not complain and she did well ;) She was happy to live this adventure and walk to Sausalito and then take the ferry back to San Francisco.

It's important to be curious, to have the desire to explore new places, to open your mind to the world that is not one-dimensional.

The adventure

We left early in the morning and parked our car in a free car parking at the Presidio, a short walk from the Golden Gate. The view over the Bridge and the Ocean is spectacular. We will never tire of seeing the Golden Gate.

We crossed the Golden Gate from San Francisco to the Marin headlands for 1.7 miles.

Crossing the Golden Gate on foot is a marvelous sensation, during the crossing we had the pleasure of seeing dolphins, pelicans, boats... In my previous hike I saw sea lions ;)

When you arrive in Marin hedlands you need to walk 2.9 miles to arrive at ferry terminal.

We arrived just on time to take the Ferry for San Francisco (Embarcadero). You can find here the ferry schedules click here

We loved this adventure and we will do again soon!

Presidio-Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge
Presidio-Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge

Thanks for your reading!