Lake Anza -Tilden Park-

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
-John Muir-

Lake Anza is a a man-made swimming reservoir in Tilden Regional Park, which is located in the Berkeley Hills above Berkeley.

The lake is open for swimming from May to September, the water is tested for bacterial levels weekly. The sandy beach is open to the sun and sheltered from the wind so you can enjoy sunbathing.

The Trail is a 1.3 mile loop, is an easy trail but in some part adventorous.



Tilden Park is an enchanting place in general, and the lake is a great place to hike, for a family getaway, for a nice picnic. The swim area is roped off and there are lifeguards right there.

The dogs are required to be leash, but they are NOT allowed in the swim facility. All the dogs I saw were free and took advantage of the lake for a swim.

Simple rules for a safe experience if you swim in the lake

  • Keep water out of your mouth
  • After you leave the water, shower and towel dry as soon as possible
  • Check posted signs for water quality information

What you need to Know:

Lifeguard Hours:
11am - 6pm

No Parking Fee

Cell phones don't work in the park ;)

Lake Anza Tilden Park California
Lake Anza Tilden Park California
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