Big Basin Redwoods

“Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Big Basin Redwoods is the oldest California State Park. In the park you can find multiple waterfalls, and over 80 miles of hiking trails. The park extends from the Santa Cruz Mountains all the way down to the Pacific Ocean and can connect to many other state and county parks in the area via hiking trails.

Is a rare stand of awe-inspiring, ancient coast redwoods that are among the tallest and oldest trees on Earth. Some measure close to 300 feet tall and 50 feet in circumference.



During this hike I was amazed by the beauty of wildlife and waterfalls and the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. There are several hiking trails you can take with all levels endurance. The most fun for me was crossing the watercourses and overcoming the tree trunks that I found on the path. We hiked 15 miles and it was worth it !

/!\ This year some trail has been closed by 50 downed trees.

Trails list
  • Berry Creek loop (10 miles)
  • Sunset–Skyline Short Loop (2.9 miles)
  • Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail (25.0 miles)
  • Slippery Rock (5.4 miles)
  • ...

What you need to Know:

Collecting is prohibited.

Feeding wildlife is prohibited.

Be prepared for mosquitoes in summer.

Except for service animals, dogs are not allowed on any trails.

Cell phones don't work in the park ;)

Pinnacles National Park California
Pinnacles National Park California
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