Joaquin Miller & Dimond Canyon Loop

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Joaquin Miller is a wonderful park located in Oakland Hills with great views on the Bay and magnificent Redwood trees of California flourish in an urban setting. Creek and small waterfalls make the park more fascinating. It took me just 20 minutes from Berkeley to arrive in this wonderful place and if you are in San Francisco, the park is not so far too!

The park is named after Joaquin Miller an American pony-express rider, lawyer, judge, teacher, gold prospector, nomad and author... He is nicknamed the "Poet of the Sierras".



Hikers, equestrians, bicyclists, joggers and picnickers are welcome on the 500-acre of the park.

Find a parking is not a problem. I parked my car in Joaquin Miler Rd.

It was a 11 miles hike with 1500 ft elevation gain, almost all the trails are dirt and mostly shaded. Some trails are a no marked trail, pay attention, but if you want to do the same hike... here all details.

Trails details
  • Bishops Walk -> Lookout Point -> Sinawik Trail -> Sunset Trail
  • Sequoia Bayview -> Fern Ravine Trail -> Sunset Trail -> Palos Colorados Trail
  • M Court -> Bike & Pedestrian Tunnel ->Bridgeview Trail -> Swings -> Old CañonTrail
  • Return via similar route but shorter and take road south of Sinawik Loop Trail to pass by Pyramid to Moses. Bonus walk up stairs to Woodminster Theatre ;)

What you need to Know:

Dogs are allowed - on leash

Collecting is prohibited.

PICNIC SITES - Unless in possession of a Permit or Reservation, picnic sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For Reservations, permits or more information click here

Joaquin Miller Park
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