Mission Peak Morning Hike

Life is getting up three hours early to live three hours more!

It's the most diffucult thing in our life: to find a balance with all the roles we have to play... I'm a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter (even though I live thousands of miles from my parents, there is still something I can do for them), a front-end web developer, a photographer, a homemaker...

This can be a challange to play all the roles, but I choose to live my life outside of my comfort zone. I go out, I experience my life, I dream and I wake up and I write my story.

I woke up at 4 am two Saturdays, to spend good time with my friends doing something we love doing together: hiking.



There were a lot of people at 6:30AM at Mission Peak. The parking from Stanford Avenue was full. In California people are much more likely to appreciate the contact with nature much more than in Europe.

Climb up from Stanford Avenue (you can check the other trail via Ohlone College here ) is a good uphill challenge because of the elevation in 3 miles 2 004 ft. The views are spectacular as day or night. Mission Peak is also home to deer,rattlesnake, bobcat, wild pig, some feral goats near the summit and the ever present cows. At the top was really windy ( I missed my gloves). Mission peak is mostly sandstone formed in an ancient seabed. If one looks carefully at the rocks, one can find fossils of ancient sea life.

What you need to Know:

Parking can be a challange...

Mission Peak is a multi-use Park, I saw cows, dogs, and people running...

Cell phones don't work in the park ;)

Mission Peak Day Hike
Mission Peak Day Hike
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