It took me one week before to be able to write this article because something went wrong during my last hike in Pinnacles and I had to stop before and came back to San Francisco. I came back to Pinnacles this Saturday too, I had fun in the caves with my kids and my husband, I met the ranger who took care of me, When he saw me he hugged me and told me he was glad to see that I was fine.

If you are not interested about my history and want just to know about the trails in Pinnacles please click here

The adventure began with my new friends: Vinar at the wheel, Masha and Bhuvin. Carpool was a great opportunty to get to know each other better. When we arrived at the campground we set up our tent. Candy and Alicia helped me to set up my tent and we laughed a lot...

One of the best moments was when everyone sat under the stars we told our stories and expectations for our adventure.

Sleep at campground

To sleep at campground you need to make a reservation click here.
What you need to know is that in my Meetup group there are some volunteers who organize the hikes, make all reservations and lead us. Candy is a leader and does it well and passionately.

The night at Campground was special, I had the pleasure of being awakened by a raccoon that came to scratch my feet... Bhuvin saw a mountain lion near our tents at 5:30AM.

Hiking in Summer

It was my first hike with a temperature over 109°(38°). I had with me water and electrolytes, but I didn't have a insulated camelbak and my water has become hot... I didn't have a good dinner the previous night and not a good breakfast...

The Ranger at Pinnacles helped me, they gave me three fresh bottles of water and I could go back to the car at Old Pinnacles parking. During this hike I didn't reach the summit, but maybe I reached the highest summit: friendship and solidarity. I made experience with the kindness of Sarath, he didn't leave me alone when I started to struggle. I came back with Diana, because she had to come back to SF campground she helped me to set down my tent and she drove to SF. All the group sent me solidarity messages. Candy, I'm sorry to have you worried. I'm fine now and hike again 12 miles ;) with hot temperatures.

Pinnacles National ParK

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